Saturday, October 11, 2014

Herbal Salves for Your Self and Friends... plus something to read!

The Wild & Weedy
The photo above shows an assortment of herbal healing salves currently in stock and available for sale. The largest shown above are 4-ounce amber jars, the next smallest are 1-ounce clear jars, with the lip balm in tiny 1/4-ounce plastic pocket pots. We do not have our finalized labels at this time, but will include an ingredient list with each jar. All salves are made with a base of olive oil and beeswax (except for the lip balm, see below). All herbs are collected from the wild or grown organically, and are harvested with reverence and respect.
Calendula Creme is made with the petals of Calendula officinalis, also called marigold, but not the common marigold. The petals are melted into cocoa butter and olive oil, and is wonderful for a pregnant mother's tummy rub. I've been growing my own hybrid calendulas, Alpha x Resina, for three years now.
Poplar Bud Salve is made from the resinous spring-emerging buds of the common Cottonwood tree. We collect individual stems from the many trees on our property, then break off the sticky leaf-buds one at a time - there is no fast way to do this! The buds are then gently heated in olive oil for many hours until they release their resin. This resin is also used by bees to make propolis, which is one of the most healing substances out there! The aroma of this salve is very fragrant.

The salve in the above photo is Bruise Balm, and is available in 1-ounce sized jars only at this time. This balm is a combination of Poplar Bud salve and the herbal green salve below, which contains comfrey leaf, plantain, chickweed, yarrow, heal-all, and other wild healing herbs, along with several garden herbs such as thyme, lavender and mint. Bruise Balm is a real multi-tasker!

Grandma's Magic Healing Salve is based on the recipe found in my book (p. 145, see below), which varies from batch to batch in the amount of any given herb. If I find a wonderful patch of heal-all (self-heal, Prunella vulgaris), then the salve will contain a lot of that. If yarrow is singing to me that day, then in she goes. It's called "magic" healing salve because it has the "energy of the day" infused in it as well as all the emollient, antiseptic herbs.

RoseBerry Lip Balm is a special treat, made with coconut oil and cocoa butter, and hardened with white beeswax. There is a tiny amount of beet root used to give the balm a delicate pink hue.

Salve Prices
 4-ounce jar ...... 7.50
1-ounce jar ...... 5.00
1/4-ounce jar ...... 2.50
The Wild & Weedy Apothecary
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